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Market Data, Inc. - Overview

gregGregory K. Lohoefener - the founder of Market Data, Inc. (MDI) - has 6 years of ag lending experience, has been in ag consulting since 2-1-1985, has farming experience since 1976, and had 20 years of grain elevator owner/management experience. This practical experience was drawn on to prepare a marketing service that allows for customization of marketing plans to individual users as well as localization of cash basis and price ratings. It is our goal to provide our customers with information and one-on-one assistance to allow them to take advantage of profitable price opportunities while using good risk management techniques. Our service includes utilizing all aspects of the Farm Bill and Crop Insurance programs, when applicable. MDI selects 4 to 8 years since 1970 with like world and/or US fundamentals, technical factors and names theseĀ  similar years which allows us to provide more accurate advice vs. just using all historical years.

Some of the assistance included in the service plan on wheat, corn - milo, soybeans, and livestock are:

  1. Two hours of call in or sit down assistance for a one commodity plan that can be used to discuss various marketing alternatives that meet each individual producer's comfort and risk management needs or assistance in placing futures orders or obtaining cash bids. Added time is available at an additional cost, if desired.

  2. Futures Price Check is our latest service addition and it allows for historical analysis of specific futures contracts and within specific dates selected by you. The historical information is used with current futures prices to arrive at potential target prices for the current situation.

  3. Current Reviews cover weekly marketing strategies, target prices, fundamental market changes or news, a review of New Crop (NC) and Old Crop (OC) pricing opportunities, basis reviews, comparison of current prices to historical prices in years similar to the current market conditions.

  4. A computerized marketing plan that allows for individual costs by crop as well as fixed costs and profit to be included in arriving at target prices for each commodity. This ties to a Marketing Monitor that allows a producer to develop specific marketing strategies and record actual marketing actions taken while being reviewed for Rules of Risk violations. This also sets up the prices which will trigger e-mail alerts when they are reached.

  5. Monthly Reviews concentrate on market news that may affect the grain markets in the next 30 days and review the past thirty days historical changes along with trends in fund positions, exports and a technical review are prepared.

  6. Livestock Review This allows producers to enter their own figures to arrive at breakevens and then combines the cash breakevens with current futures prices and looks at the probability of hitting and moving to these price levels. MDI also allows entry of known basis figures or will calculate a basis based on 5 to 35 year historical information.

  7. Special reports and marketing alternatives on such things as updating Target Prices, Risk Reward Analysis, Put and Call Option Reviews are also available.

  8. A glossary is provided that includes terms and abbreviations that may be used in various aspects of our service.

  9. The cost of the service is a flat fee per year of $400 for one commodity plus $100 for each additional commodity for single users and commercial users (lenders, elevators, feedlots, etc.) are double this rate. Commodities available are: wheat, corn/milo, soybeans, and livestock. For most producers this is less than $.01 a bushel. The service is good for a one-year period from sign-up. Discounts are available - REGISTER NOW!


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